How to Write a Profile Essay Introduction 

The introduction paragraph is a crucial first step in writing an effective profile essay on a nursing-related subject. Your intro grabs the reader’s attention, provides background context, establishes your focus and purpose, and sets the tone and direction for the entire piece.

In this article, we’ll explore in-depth tips and strategies for writing a strong, polished introduction that hooks readers and gives your nursing profile essay the solid foundation it needs to stand out.

Opening with an Attention-Grabbing Hook

You only have a few sentences to grab your reader’s interest, so make them count! Start with an attention-getting opening hook using vivid imagery, figurative language, dialogue, an evocative anecdote, or intriguing information to draw the reader in.

Some hook techniques to consider:

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  • Rhetorical question – e.g. “What does it truly take to flourish as a nurse and provide top-quality patient care?”
  • Relevant quote – e.g. “Nursing is an art: and if it is to be made an art, it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation, as any painter’s or sculptor’s work” (Florence Nightingale)
  • Startling fact or statistic – e.g. “The United States is projected to experience a shortage of Registered Nurses that is expected to intensify to 500,000 by 2025.”
  • Evocative anecdote – e.g. “The bustling ER waiting room was packed, with patients moaning in pain and calling out in fear. But as my eyes locked with those of a nurse rushing intently by, I sensed the calm purpose behind her actions.”

Choose a hook relevant to your specific profile subject that will entice readers to keep reading more.

Providing Crucial Background Context

After immediately grabbing attention, dedicate 2-3 sentences to briefly structure your essay by providing some quick context about key background information. Useful details to mention include:

  • Why you are writing this particular profile
  • Factual context on the nursing field, education, challenges, etc.
  • Your interests, motivations, or goals related to nursing
  • What drew you to this profile subject specifically

Succinctly cover just enough background to give readers essential context before transitioning smoothly into your thesis statement.

Crafting a Clear, Focused Thesis Statement

Your thesis is one concise sentence clearly stating the central focus and purpose of your essay. An effective thesis statement for a nursing profile essay should:

  • Specify the exact person, organization, place, or program being profiled
  • Preview the specific qualities, characteristics, accomplishments, or other details that will be highlighted about the subject
  • Establish the essay’s overarching purpose – to inform, inspire, entertain, etc.

Example nursing profile thesis: “In this essay, I will profile the accelerated BSN program at South Lakes University, highlighting the curriculum, clinical experiences, and distinguished faculty that make it an ideal option for launching a rewarding nursing career.”

Personalizing the Introduction With Your Perspective

While concise, your intro should also establish an engaging narrative voice and reflective perspective by briefly incorporating personal details, such as:

  • What initially drew you to learn about this profile subject
  • Any nursing-related experiences that influenced your interests
  • The goals or motivations that led you to choose nursing as a career
  • Particular qualities of this profile subject that resonate with you

Sprinkling in thoughtful personal reflections makes your essay more relatable.

Closing the Introduction With Forward Momentum

End your intro by looking ahead to the specific topics covered in the essay body. Some options:

  • “First, I will provide key historical background on the program’s origins and mission…”
  • “To understand what makes this an exceptional nursing program, let’s start by looking at the innovative clinical curriculum…”
  • “This profile will begin by examining the accomplished teaching faculty producing exemplary nurses…”

This transitions naturally into the body while keeping readers engaged to read more.

Strengthening and Refining Your Draft Introduction

Once you have a draft introduction, set it aside briefly, then revisit it with fresh eyes to refine it. Assess whether your introduction:

  • Contains an hook that immediately grabs attention
  • Provides just enough but not too much background context
  • Establishes a clear roadmap thesis stating the focus
  • Weaves in personal perspective seamlessly
  • Transitions smoothly from hook to thesis to body
  • Sets an engaging narrative tone and voice

Keep refining your introduction until it effectively sets the stage for an amazing profile essay. Take the time to perfect it – the strength of your intro profoundly impacts the success of the entire essay.

Conclusion Tips for Wrapping Up a Nursing Profile Essay

Just as your introduction needs care, you should dedicate time to crafting a strong conclusion that ties together your nursing profile essay effectively. Strategies for an impactful conclusion include:

Succinctly Summarizing Key Points

Briefly recap the most important qualities, accomplishments, and details that you conveyed about the profile essay topic. This reminds readers of the central ideas.

Underscoring the Subject’s Significance

Reiterate the significance of your profile subject and why it serves as such an excellent model for nursing values, knowledge, and skills.

Ending on an Inspirational Note

Close your essay with some inspirational words motivating readers to pursue nursing excellence. This leaves them with a powerful, uplifting final impression.

Creating Cohesion With the Introduction

Echo some of the imagery, ideas, or language from the introduction to create cohesion. The conclusion bookends the piece nicely.

Final Thoughts on Profile Nursing Essay Introduction

Writing a compelling introduction for a profile nursing essay is a critical step in engaging your audience and setting the tone for your essay. It should succinctly present the topic, outline the central thesis, and provide a preview of the key points to be explored.

An effective introduction not only captivates the reader but also lays a solid foundation for the subsequent analysis, ensuring that the essay is coherent and purposeful. By focusing on clarity, relevance, and interest in the introduction, you set the stage for a thoughtful and insightful nursing profile essay.

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