Assignment: Culture-Bound Syndromes

you will need to select five to eight culture-bound syndromes and complete the following on each row:

  • The name of the culture-bound syndrome you selected.
  • A description of the main symptoms and behaviors of the culture-bound syndrome.
  • The DSM-5 disorder that you believe would be a possible diagnosis of your selected culture-bound syndrome.
  • The key symptoms and behaviors related to your chosen DSM-5 diagnosis that relate to the culture-bound syndrome.
  • A brief rationale of your choice.PSYC 2001: Cross-Cultural Psychology

    Week 6 Application Assignment: Culture-Bound Syndromes and the DSM-V

    Analyze perspectives on psychological disorders across cultures. What are the similarities and differences between how culture-bound syndromes and the DSM-V look at psychological behavior? Support your diagnosis and analysis with specific references to the DSM-V, the Learning Resources, and any additional research you used.

    Culture-Bound Syndrome

    Culture-Bound Syndrome Behaviors

    Possible DSMDiagnosis

    DSM Behaviors (Criteria)

    Rationale for DSM diagnosis