NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities Week 1

NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities Week 1

I have been a registered nurse for 5 years and I could not imagine choosing a different career path for myself. Many could agree that this field may not always be the easiest, especially with recently working through a pandemic. Aside from the hardships of nursing, there is no feeling comparable to knowing that you have made a positive impact on another person while they are potentially in one of the most vulnerable times of their life. Being a nurse is more than just taking care of another human being. It is about advocating for someone who may be unable to do so for themselves. To me, nursing is about being that support system for the patient or family member who needs it the most during such a challenging time. As a nurse, you need to be an approachable and reliable resource for your patients. When I think about advancing my nursing career, I am also envisioning the significant impact that it will have on my life and the lives of others. The possibilities feel almost endless for the different career paths in nursing that can be achieved.

NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities

Walden’s College of Nursing’s mission and vision statements are very relatable to how I plan to pursue my degree advancement. The missions and vision of Walden University (2020) highlight how it will use education to transform healthcare professionals into something that will have a positive impact on the future of healthcare. There is such a wide diversity in nursing, and it is so important to acknowledge the change and impact that advancing education for nurses will have on healthcare and patients. It is reassuring to me that with my degree advancement from Walden, I will be able to achieve something that will benefit my future self while I grow and excel in my career and benefit the lives of others.

The Walden MSN program outcomes and perspectives (2022) describe a goal of being able to evaluate and communicate with a diverse population to promote health. This is very relatable to my view of nursing as I am currently working with such a diverse population of patients that require much education. Being able to effectively communicate and evaluate patient needs is critical in a healthcare setting. Walden MSN outcomes also describe using evidence-based research to help guide decision-making in nursing. Continually using evidence-based practice during this program to guide my writing will keep my research skills rigorous and I will have these skills to use throughout school and my nursing career to benefit my future patient population.

“Education makes a person aware of the social inequities and inequalities, most likely creating a desire for social change that might not have existed before the educational endeavor. With the knowledge of inequities and social ills as well as the desire to change the status quo, it can be assumed that a person is much more likely to attempt to change that status quo” (Brown & Bates, 2017). Walden University’s “mission of social change encourages all members of the academic community to strive for positive social change” (Brown & Bates, 2017). I agree with this statement as it is important to remember that social change will always be a topic in healthcare. Learning about this topic will help me use it more in my current and future career.

NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities

Networking in 2022 is a huge advancement and benefit for the healthcare world. Having access to online resources and evidence-based practice related to patient care is something that will continue to improve healthcare. Issues in healthcare can be taught and discussed easily among individuals in different areas by having access to the internet, social media, online conference meetings, etc. Having online access during this program to resources, such as Walden’s library, will benefit my writing and thought process. Reading and responding through discussion posts with classmates in different nursing fields will keep me open-minded on healthcare topics. Networking will also positively impact my future career search by having easy access to job hunting and researching specific nursing careers.

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My name is Connor and I’m very excited to get started on this journey with all of you! I am currently working in the acute critical care field in a smaller community hospital in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I have been in ICU for about 5 years now, and I have been extremely interested in furthering my education since day one, so finally getting into this is amazing and anxiety-inducing too! Luckily, much of this course seems to aim at helping establish a network and outline those who can help you in times of stress. 

I have four brothers (two older, and one younger), and we are all nurses in either Acute Intensive Care or Long Term Intensive Care. My parents are both nurses, too. My mother has been an ER nurse for thirty years now, and my father has been a nurse for the same amount of time. My father has always pushed for furthering one’s education (he holds many degrees himself, from Bachelors’s in nursing to MBA). He instilled the importance of “never-slowing down” and “always utilize education to help grow”, so while looking at the vision, missions, goals and social change for Walden, I had a good feeling about what I was signing up for.

Comparison to Walden’s Mission (NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities)

While reading the “Visions” provided by Walden, it became apparent that their aim is to promote the greater good. Hoping to learn knowledge to help me grow in a professional setting will hopefully reflect the impact we all hope to make, which is promoting the greatest good to those we care for every day. The “missions” section just reinforced this by outlining the importance of having an outlet that promotes growth in an individual, in this case via an educational program. Walden’s mission is to aid in the transition into a knowledgeable and confident nurse who provides for a greater good lineup with the perfect roles my father tried to instill in me at a young age, as previously discussed. Walden provides a series of goals for their program, but one of them specifically stood out to me.

On their website, the final goal is “to produce graduates who are scholarly, reflective practitioners and agents for positive change” (Walden University, n.d.). This stood out because the second half is something I truly value. Change is a term thrown around too often without highlighting its impact, and hearing my father’s influence float around throughout my life, and it’s important to note how strong change can be. Social change, from Walden’s perspective, seems entirely driven by growth and development with the implication of application to a society for the greater good. The social change aspect really speaks to me, for it not only outlines the importance of this knowledge but focuses primarily on applying the skills we will develop along the way. I hope to further my application skills through Walden to provide for those we come in contact with every day.

Walden provides University Outcomes that seemingly wrap up everything outlined previously in a flawless fashion. The second outcome is most relatable to my hopes and desires through this program, for it encompasses everything I’ve discussed. It states that the goal is to use the knowledge obtained to positively impact the community, society, and profession. Following the words of my father, I hope this program helps me encourage those I come in contact with to grow, whether it be using my knowledge to provide for an individual or an entire community I work with.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts on NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities

 The outreach that Walden gives their community is honestly amazing, and I look forward to experiencing it first hand. The world is an ever-changing surrounding, and the healthcare field is no stranger to that. As stated in an article entitled “Missions and Organizational Performance in the Healthcare Industry”, the author writes, “the diverse characteristics of the healthcare market make it essential for employees on all levels to not only have a clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve, but also a feeling of support and involvement in determining the mission” (Forehand, A., 2000). This is something I strongly believe in, and feeling understood in my missions by Walden is crucial.

Another article I came across refers to the value of an organization’s vision, stating “Successful organizations will be those that are steadfast in pursuit of their vision, unfailingly true to their mission and unwavering in adherence to their values” (MacLeod L.,2016). In Walden’s case, every point lines up coherently, and I’ve found myself truly identifying with their clear vision. I believe in the success this organization will bring and look forward to finding enhanced methods to bring forth my personal goals outlined by my father in my younger years as well as grow with the values this institution has to offer!

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My Goals and University Vision and Mission

I have been a nurse for seven years, and in these seven years, I have become interested in advancing my career.  The only way to do so is by achieving my Master’s degree.  In order to achieve my goal in the next five to ten years of a nursing leader, I have decided on the educational path of Nurse Executive.  I began my search for the right program last year to help achieve this goal.

When I came across Walden University, I was at first skeptical.  I didn’t know if this was the right school for me.  My first inquisition about the program gave me a different insight after speaking to an admissions recruiter.  Walden University’s Mission states, “The College of Nursing envisions recognition as a preeminent 21st-century school of nursing in which the contributions of nursing, health, and related sciences will transform the provision of nursing services along the continuum of care and across the human life span to meet the needs of individuals and local and global communities.” (Walden University, 2020, para. 4). 

This statement helped my decision of choosing this University to help me gain my professional growth.  The words “the contributions of nursing, health and related sciences will transform the provision of nursing services” (Walden University, 2020, para. 4) explains what a Nurse Executive is and what the goal of the program entails.  I wanted a school that would be more than just a degree but would show a different insight by the words of their Mission and Vision. NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities Week 1

Outcomes and Perspectives (NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities)

Sue Subocz, PhD states in her message “Throughout your journey toward graduation, please remember that you are never alone.” (Subocz, PhD, S., 2020) and this is more than words to myself.  The online catalog page on the Walden University website is an excellent guide for academic growth.  The catalog helps direct students to different online resources to help guide and grow personal academic growth.  In my current role, I am able to utilize these resources to help grow in leading teams and develop leadership relationships.  My goal is to be a Nurse Leader and Walden University has shown different ways to help grow me academically and professionally throughout the program outcomes and perspectives.  I want to grow into a Leader that transforms nursing to another level.  Receiving my Master’s degree from Walden University will help achieve this goal.


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RESPONSES (NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities)


Kendra I have you selected a individual with in your organization regarding various opportunities to advance your career now? Are there nursing leadership programs in place to help you obtain your professional goals?

According to a article in The Journal of Nursing Administration (Ramseur et al., 2018, Leadership development programs have proven to be effective in developing emerging nurse leaders, and the evidence supports mentoring as valuable to professional career growth for nurses section).

Having served as a assistant nurse manager in my career one of the frustrating parts is the lack of resources offered by some health care organizations devoted to training and mentoring new nursing leaders. NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities Week 1

References (NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities)

Ramseur, P., Fuchs, M., Edwards, P., & Humphreys, J. (2018). The implementation of a structured nursing leadership development program for succession planning in a health system. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration48(1), 25–30.

My conceptual definition for mentoring is a seasoned practitioner who establishes and builds a trusted, respectful and supportive relationship with a novice nurse as a teacher, guide, role model and leader, while facilitating opportunities for personal and career growth.  A Mentor is one who is “committed to continuous education and lifelong learning for self and others” (ANA, 2015, p.87).

The rationale behind my thought of mentoring is that a trusted relationship creates an environment conducive to learning, improves communication skills and builds confidence in the novice nurse. This has a direct impact on staff retention as nurses who feel more confident and secure in their role tend to stay in positions longer.  Mentoring provides growth for the mentor and mentee as the mentor must remain current in her specialty in order to be able to coach, guide and teach the mentee on policies, best practice and communication techniques.  In my experience mentoring is a prerequisite to moving into a leadership role, however one must have the knowledge, patience, empathy and wisdom in order to be a successful in either.

References (NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities)

American Nurses Association. (2015). Nursing informatics: Scope & standards of practice (2nd ed.). Silver Springs, MD: Author..

Mentoring is indeed extremely valuable to nurses for professional career growth. It is defined as an experienced and trusted advisor. As mentioned in “the Foundation of Success” video, “new house construction begins with a firm foundation” (Laureate Education, 2018). Mentorship similarly adapts its values of “networking, collaborating, effective utilization of resources and development of relationships” to mold and nurture professional growth (Laureate Education, 2018).

I was a new graduate nurse not too long ago and my transition into a brand new floor nurse was fruitful because of the peers I was linked with to provide the exceptional care I was expected to deliver. Within my new graduate program and even thereafter, mentors were accessible. Monthly meetings were conducted by educators to empower us with resources that can better our career as well as provide personalized care for our patients. Recourses from various specialty like wound care, telemetry course, National Institution of Health’s stroke scale certificates have opened doors in my career thus far. Various preceptors helped me with time management as I juggled my 5-7 patient case load. Nurse managers backed me as I explored a new role as charge nurse. Needless to say, mentoring isn’t a momentary role, it is a lifelong journey within a career. NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities Week 1

Reference (NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities)

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RE: Discussion – Week 1: NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities


Hi Arrick,

Congratulations on your years of experience and accomplishments. Just from your accomplishments alone, I can tell you are driven. In today’s medical field, we need nurses who are motivated, self-driven, and passionate about learning (Walden University). These characteristics you possess will take you all the way to fulfilling your heart’s desire to become a nurse practitioner.

In your write-up, you quoted networking as building mutually beneficial professional relationships. In this profession of nursing, networking is imperative to achieve the goals we set forth for our patients, their families and caring for their needs. Not to mention the goals that we set in place for ourselves to meet the demands of our employers and our ego (Anders, 2018). Better patient outcome is a direct result of our ability to network. Nursing is a profession where one cannot get the job done alone. It is team driven and is heavily relied upon by everyone to do their part.

Reference (NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities)

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Walden University. (n.d.)  Retrieved September 03, 2021, from https://catalog.waldenedu.content.php?catoid=182&navid=66786

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