NURS 6003 Part 2 Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics Essay

NURS 6003 Part 2 Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics Essay

NURS 6003 Part 2 Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics Essay

Nursing is one of the most intriguing professions in the health industry but students enrolling in the career are usually baffled by what they might expect when pursuing the course. Often, nursing students lack adequate information about the profession in their early instances of learning but as they progress in studies, they acquire additional information and guidance regarding the career (Roodbol & Peters, 2020). In order for nurses to successfully complete their program, they need academic and professional support. These provide avenue for professional interaction and networking to enhance knowledge sharing in the course of studies (Mesquita et al., 2017). As I transition to graduate students, I have also realized the benefits of academic and professional support as a way to optimize interactions for my future career as a family nurse practitioner. In this regard, this paper will help me organize my thoughts by enumerating academic and professional networks who will not only lay a foundation for my studies but also enhance my nursing care practice within a health setting.


Name: Judi Kuric, RN, DNP, FNP

Title: Program Director

Organization: Walden University

Academic or Professional: Academic

Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse:

Notes: Dr. Kuric prides on an experience of more than 35 years in nursing as well as an advanced practitioner for over 25 years. She has also been teaching specialties in family nurse practice, emergency nursing and gerontology nursing at Walden University. Dr. Kuric has been part of my academic journey while I pursued an associate degree in nursing (ADN) earlier back. Her instructional strategies are outstanding and therefore she is quite an inspiration in building my future career. She once counseled me about the ADN program especially when I struggled in attaining the recommended scores in the sub-module units and her amazing guidance motivated me not to quit the course. Other than her academic and counseling prowess, Dr. Kuric is well-versed with the academic structure of Walden University. I therefore look upon her for further advice on how nursing environment operates within the university and I will consult her more about existing nursing programs that I can participate in to build my future career in the course of studies (Ling & Casida, 2020). With her specialty in family nursing, I anticipate to garner more insights about the profession and build confidence by reading her published articles within the university library.

One strategy I plan to employ to promote academic integrity and ethics in my work as an MSN student is to ensure the uniqueness of my academic work. When completing coursework and projects, MSN students are expected to produce original work. They demonstrate originality by citing the information sources they used to complete their tasks and projects (Pandit & Gite, 2020). Furthermore, students check the originality of their work using databases such as Turnitin to ensure that it is not plagiarized. It safeguards academic integrity.

NURS 6003 Part 2 Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics Essay
NURS 6003 Part 2 Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics Essay

The other strategy that I will adopt to ensure integrity and ethics in my academic work as a student of the MSN program is reading and understanding all the course and syllabus requirements. I will strive to understand the accepted level of academic performance that is required of the MSN students. I will also strive to achieve to the best level of academic standards that are stated in the institution (Bultas et al., 2017). I will also ensure that I seek assistance from my course mates and instructors on the issues that I do not understand, as it pertains coursework and syllabus of the MSN program.

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I will also implement a number of strategies to ensure professional integrity and ethics. One of the strategies I will implement is to ensure professionalism in patient care and collaboration with other healthcare professionals. In working with patients and healthcare providers from various backgrounds, I will ensure that I demonstrate ethical behaviors such as respect, trust, and honesty. In my profession, I will also ensure that I advocate for the rights of the vulnerable. The second strategy I will use to maintain my integrity and ethics as a professional nurse is to follow institutional policies and regulations. Employee behavior is governed by rules, policies, and regulations in health care organizations. Healthcare providers are expected to follow the rules in order to promote patient safety, efficiency, and quality (Erikson & Davies, 2017). As a result, I will conduct myself in accordance with the established rules and regulations in order to promote professionalism, ethics, and integrity in my practice.

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The final strategy I will employ to maintain integrity and ethics in my professional life is to use best practices in decision-making. I will make certain that I use evidence-based data sources to make sound and informed decisions about patient care issues. Evidence-based decision-making is important in practice because it promotes patient safety, quality, and efficiency. It also removes ethical concerns from practice (Erikson & Davies, 2017). As a result, I will collaborate with other healthcare providers and patients to investigate how evidence-based care and solutions can be delivered.

MSN students and MSN nurses must maintain their integrity and ethics in general. To ensure academic and professional integrity, MSN students and nurses can use a variety of tools. Among the tools available are those for promoting academic honesty, understanding academic roles and requirements, and demonstrating professionalism as nurses working with patients and healthcare providers from diverse backgrounds. As a result, MSN students and nurses should be active participants in researching effective strategies for promoting ethics and integrity in their daily lives.

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Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Part 2: Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics

Discussion: Using the Walden Library

Morris, R., & O’Riordan, S. (2017). Prevention of falls in hospital. Clinical Medicine17(4), 360.

The article “preventing falls in hospitals” was retrieved from the PubMed database through the Walden Library. The topic I decided to venture into for this discussion board was relevant to the ongoing struggles of nurses. With the rise of Covid 19, it has become apparent that nurses have increased their movements, as they want to attend to all the patients. Cleaning processes have increased, which makes it easy to have fallen. I have always been interested in improving the well-being of fellow nurses in medical facilities, and the article’s topic gave me an idea of how to start doing it. The database I started using was the Walden University Library, using similar tools for research in my career; this is not the most helpful method to acquire peer-reviewed articles and journals; hence there is a likelihood of facing difficulties. Although the Walden University Library interface is not complicated, I struggled to find the article that comprehensively addressed my intended topic. However, the difficulties resulted from concentrating on one database in the Walden Library and failing to refine my search. As a result, I repeated the search using keywords such as injuries, falls, intervention, and hospitals. The search keywords represent how to prevent falls in medical facilities, and they are not too narrow or broad.

Using online libraries can be difficult. Even though it may seem straightforward, sometimes it is not easy finding an article with the simplest topic. If the database has advanced search options, it is possible to narrow down the topic required. Finding such a specific source is difficult, but the Walden University Database has such options to aid in the feasibility of the research. Another obstacle I faced was determining the credibility of a source. Fortunately, one of our weekly tools explains how to assess the reliability of each entry we come across quickly. According to Walden University’s Academic Guides, a scholarly publication is “authored by academics for academics” (Walden University Library, n.d.-b). Scholarly publications are produced for other professionals by specialists (rather than publicists or staff writers) in a given topic. These articles serve only one objective: to increase the researcher’s expertise. When deciding which source to use, this was an important factor to consider. Lastly, the use of related terms to previous research resulted in the production and showing of inconsistent researches.

This database would be very useful to my colleagues as it would help them get more knowledge in diverse nursing areas due to the wide range of records and journals included in this database. The Walden Library database contains more than 900 journals and 200,000 records. The database would be extremely valuable to my colleagues because they will be able to compare different types of articles and determine the various modifications that have taken place in the field of nursing. The database provides journals and articles that date back to 1937, and it has since expanded its content. Though there are difficulties in finding specific topics, there are guidelines to help narrow your research, as provided by Walden University. I believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and that the issues and difficulties faced with online library databases are less than the outcome of the research.


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